About Us

M.D. Pest Control was established in 2006 by its founder, Mark Duxbury.

After working for a large national pest control company for several years Mark set out to create a different type of pest control company, one driven by quality service at a fair price.

An effective pest management program involves effective sanitation, exclusion, and where required pesticide application. Many factors can contribute to a pest infestation, and not all can be prevented. Having a pest problem doesn’t mean “you’re dirty” there is no “shame”, it can happen to anyone. For many businesses pest infestation can be devastating to their bottom line as pests consume or contaminate their products/inventory. An infestation in a restaurant for example can cause even the most loyal customer to lose their appetite.

At M.D. Pest Control safety is a top priority, its founder, Mark Duxbury, holds a honors diploma from Algonquin College in Occupational Health & Safety. In addition, M.D. Pest Control holds $2 million liability insurance coverage and is fully licenced by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. As a graduate of Sir Sandford Fleming College, Mark also holds a diploma in Environmental Pest Management, ensuring each pest problem is handled in an effective and environmentally friendly manner.

All work performed by M.D. Pest Control is guaranteed in writing. If for any reason the pest is not exterminated within the guarantee period we will return to perform follow-up service at no additional charge.

Note on bed bug guarantee: Detached homes are eligible for a 6 month guarantee if canine detection and treatment* have been performed by M.D. Pest Control. Unfortunately apartments, townhomes and semi-detached homes are not eligible for guarantee due to the ease of re-introduction from adjoining apartments/homes.

*Treatment may include purchase of mattress encasements if recommended by M.D. Pest Control service technician.