Residential Pest Control

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M.D. Pest Control provides insect and rodent control services for homeowners throughout the GTA and Durham region. Whether its an ant infestation, pesky earwigs, a wasp nest or some mice visiting….this M.D. makes house calls. Don’t let unwelcome invaders disturb you and your family in your own home!! Call M.D. Pest Control today to ensure a prompt, professional, safe solution.

Canine Bed Bug Detection Service:

M.D. Pest Control is pleased to announce that starting March 4, 2011 we will be offering advanced bed bug detection for the detection of bed bugs. The benefits of bed bug detection dogs has been well established and with the increased bed bug presence in Toronto the demand for this service is increasing. Bed bug detection dogs have a 98% success rate at identifying areas infested with bed bugs vs. 30-50% success rate for human inspection. Since the dogs are trained to alert bed bug activity based on scent, they can identify bed bugs that may be hiding inside the wall or deep inside furniture. Bed bug detection dogs are able to detect a single bed bug allowing for infestations to be detected in the early stages. The canine inspection will also establish the bed bug treatment area possibly reduce the laundry preparation and pesticide application.

Pest Bulletin Pharaoh Ant

Pharaoh ants are very small, about 1/16-inch long. They range from yellow to light brown. They nest in warm, hard-to-reach locations in walls, subfloor areas, attics, cracks, crevices, and behind baseboards.

Pharoh ant colonies have multiple queens, and are very difficult to control. A successful Pharaoh ant control program will involve intensive baiting. Residual insecticides “spray” will affect less than 5% of the colony, and the stress created by the spray will cause the colony to split. This will lead to the colonization of new areas with very little reduction in the existing population.

Commercial Pest Control

An effective pest management program involves effective sanitation, exclusion, and where required pesticide application. M.D. Pest Control can provide weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly service depending on your individual needs. Computer-generated service reports are prepared after each service, providing you with clear and accurate documentation required by public health officials.

Commercial Sanitation

Effective “deep-cleaning” is essential for all food processing plants. M.D. Pest Control offers sanitation assistance to ensure that regular “deep-cleaning” of production equipment is performed. Eliminating product build-up and insect harbourage inside equipment ensures that your product meets your customers high expectations.